Water Garden – My First Lotus Flower Bud Emerges

May 16, 2012


These plants intrigue me on so many levels.. the symbolism and spiritual aspects, their pure beauty and perfection, and the science of nature and how they work.

A. Notice the impressive cleanliness of each and every leaf a term called the “Lotus Effect”.
Botanists, chemists and nanotechnologists have extensively studied the self cleaning properties. They determined that the
microscopic structure and surface chemistry keep the leaves from getting wet. They also allow droplets of water to
envelope contaminants and roll them off the leaf, leaving behind a clean surface.

B. “Although many plants are thermogenic, lotus is one of only three(3) that is thermoregulatory, a characteristic normally
reserved for animals.”

C. “Frogs exhibit a natural affinity for lotus perhaps because of the heat flowers generate or the textured leaf surface
that is easy to grab.”

D. Food Source -”All parts of the plant (Flower, leaves and stems, seeds, seed pods, and root/ tuber) are edible and
commonly eaten raw, pickled, candied or cooked. Lotus tubers (roots) are as important for food in Asia as potatoes are in
the United States. They are used regularly as vegetables in stir-fry and contain a starchy thickening agent similar to
okra or arrow-root.”

E. All parts of the lotus are used for medicinal purposes, either alone or in combination with other ingredients.

SOURCE: The Lotus Know it and Grow it Book by Kelly Billing and Paula Biles.

Baby Tree Frogs in Water Lilies Video

April 28, 2012


I started a water garden late last year in two large pot containers (@ 70 gallons) with a Waterlily and a Lotus respectively. After a few days I had mosquito egg rafts floating on the surface.

So I got some Mosquito fish and they ate them up. This year I discovered CA Baja Tree frogs and hundreds of frog eggs in both pots. I was afraid we would be over run by frogs much like the Locus in the Bible. Then I remembered the Mosquito fish… and sure enough they ate all the hatching frog eggs as they grew into tiny tad poles. I imagine they would look like these in the video had they survived. The season is just beginning. Stay tuned. We may get baby frogs yet and if we do I will surely post my own video rest assured.





Giant Crystal Discovery

April 27, 2012
Reposted from Nikki’s Facebook page post

Crystal Caves lie 300 meters below the Earths surface.

Nikki Cuthbertson shared Rainbow Lightning Woman‘s post.
Crystals anyone?

~ ♥ The Crystal Caves are emerging to the 3rd dimension at this time in history, so we can have access to the electromagnetic frequencies that will allow for the merging of the fifth & sixth dimensions. This activation will allow for the emergence of more & more light energy on Planet Earth.

Light energy is merely “Angstrom units per second,” that an element or cell vibrates at if measured. Like the blades moving in a fan, the measure of these units depict how much light or transparency is available. Crystal energy is high on the vibrational scale of Angstrom units, and has the ability to compell the human aura, not neccesarily incline the human will though!…

The Crystal Cave of Giants located inside the Naica Mine in Chihuahua, Mexico was accidentally discovered in 2001 by two working miners. The heat prevents them from studying this site further. The vibrations are so intense, one worker talked of the deeply mystical and immense dreams he had. He had no words to describe…♥

It lies almost 300 meters below the Earths surface. It is the home to the largest crystals known in the world which are over 11 meters long and weigh 55 tons. The crystals themselves are created by hydrothermal fluids originating from the magma chambers below or made of gypsum/ selenite. Moreover, some crystals were formed over a span of about half a million years in a hot water solution, saturated with minerals.

Ten years after the amazing discovery, this giant crystal cave is under negotiation to be claimed for World Heritage status. This will ensure the preservation & protection of this site for future generations. Its emergence is timely, as our future generations of emerging lightworkers & healers are looking forward to playing with Mother Natures toys, buried since Atlantean times. This will be exciting!!

♥ RLW ♥

Nikki’s Interesting Clients Last Week

April 27, 2012

Nikki working with owner who adopted 2 retired racing Greyhounds

Nikki Cuthbertson – Face Book Page Post

April 17
I have met some really inspirational people this week:
A woman that has fostered 17 children and is completely grounded and loving. A man that went skydiving for his 85th birthday. A 70 year old man that repelled down a mountain in the dark because he had to. An 85 year old woman who asked me to support her crossing over and said that she was not afraid.
It inspires me to want to live fully and die consciously.

Learn more about Nikki at
www.OneWith Nature.info and my film Becoming One With Nature, currently in post production at

Nikki Helps Owner Find Kitten Via Distance Reading

April 26, 2012
Nikki Helps Owner Find Kitten Via Distance Reading

I did a long distance reading for a kitty that was lost for a week. her person found all the landmarks that i described but no kitty. finally i just sent the kitty a picture of a tree in the yard and asked her to wait there for her person. i received the energy...

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Comfort Birds

April 21, 2012
My loving Father carved this for me recently for my broken leg and I absolutely Love it!

A Token of Support and Act of Kindness for those in need

Comfort Birds are often given to those in need such as the ill, blind, elderly, or people in disaster area as a token of support and act of kindness. When gently rubbed, the birds can bring comfort to those struggling with both physical and emotional pain.
For many the small birds serve as tangible reminders that someone loves and cares about them.

My loving Father carved this one for me recently for my broken leg. It feels so soft and smooth it is very comforting to rub. I love it!!

GOTYE – New Band

April 21, 2012

FILM TRAILER – Becoming One With Nature

April 9, 2012

Watch Ocean Giants: Deep Thinkers Video

April 6, 2012


Click to View PBS Video


Click to View PBS Video

This PBS Video is about Whale & Dolphin Brain Cell Discovery of same brain “spindle cells” as humans.

Incredible footage of habits that demonstrate emotions etc.

This video has 6 chapters. I recommend watching 2 thru 4 at a minimum.

You will be glad you did.


Whale Brain Cell Discovery (brief)

April 5, 2012

Whales may share our kind of intelligence, researchers say after discovering brain cells previously found only in humans and other primates.

They were touted as the brain cells that set humans and the other great apes apart from all other mammals. Now it has been discovered that some whales also have spindle neurons – specialised brain cells that are involved in processing emotions and helping us interact socially.

Spindle cells, named after their long, spindle-shaped bodies, are the cells that are credited with allowing us to feel love and to suffer emotionally. Their discovery in whales will stimulate debate both on the level of whale intelligence and on the ethics of hunting them.

Click to read entire article

Decorah Eagles Nest – Live Camera

April 4, 2012

Watch 3 babies in nest


Eagles Nest – Link to Live Camera
Watch 3 babies in nest being fed by their parents.

Click on underlined link above

Watch them grow up and learn to fly.

New Web Site Launched

February 24, 2012
New Web Site Launched

Deanne  Rotta launches new web site promoting her film Becoming One With Nature, currently in post production. Becoming One With Nature is a biographical documentary film.

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